Location: Bobby Wagner Walk & E 63rd Street Pedestrian Bridge, New York, NY 10065 Access via pedestrian bridge off of E. 62nd Street.


  • Monitor, control and accompany your dog at all times.
  • No dogs in heat. Closely monitor non-neutered males as other males may react aggressively toward them.
  • Prong, choke and spike collars may not be worn
  • Dogs involved in a fight must leave the run until all parties calm down.
  • Discourage barking, especially early morning and late evening.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated against rabies and free from all communicable diseases.
  • Use caution when bringing food into the run. No glass containers allowed.
  • If your dog digs holes, fill it in before you leave.

andrew-viewHours: The park closes at 1 a.m.

Description: Andrew Haswell Green Dog Park is located on New York City’s Upper East Side at E. 63rd Street on a section of the East River Esplanade. Overlooking Manhattan & the East River, the park is maintained by Friends of East63 (an association of dog owners who volunteer) with financial help from the City Parks Foundation.

The dog park is in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge and sits apart from the Esplanade like a mini oasis for dogs. It is fully fenced in with separate small & large dog designated areas. There is fine-gravel ground cover, plenty of bench seating, watering areas in both (large and small dog) sections, cleaning equipment, washtubs, poop-bag dispensers and waste bins.

dustyreviewandrew-waterREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This place is really cool and definitely one of the most beautiful man-made dog parks I’ve seen in Manhattan. The fine-gravel ground cover makes it look like a beach sitting right next to the East River. The dogs and people here are very friendly and I went in both the big and small dog sections. It was very clean, had a few trees for me to sniff and pee on, and I grabbed a drink of water in one of the two watering areas while I was at it.