Location: 55 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

west-front  Rules:

  • Always close gates securely behind you.
  • Leash and unleash dogs in vestibule only.
  • Do not duplicate your key.
  • Watch and clean up after your dog at all times.
  • Never leave your dog unattended.
  • WVDOG registered dogs only — no guests.
  • Aggressive dogs will be expelled immediately.
  • Bitches in heat or unhealthy dogs not allowed.
  • No toddlers or small children.
  • No food or glass containers.
  • No bikes or rollerskates.

west-sideHours: Open 24 hours, with lighting.

Description: The West Village Dog Run is a private dog run hosted by the West Village Dog Owners Group (W.V.D.O.G.). Annual fees are $75 and memberships are taken from September for the following year. According to the WVDOG website, the group was formed in 1992 “to address the needs of West Village dog owners, the residents of our neighborhood and our pets.” Online applications for membership are available at http://wvdog.org/.

The run itself is located at Little West 12th Street between Washington Street and 10th Avenue in the West Village. The very small, all-paved and fenced-in run features benches, water hose, drinking bowls, lighting for night time use, plastic swimming pools, facility shed containing first aid kits, tennis balls and toys, baggies, papertowels and cleaning supplies.

dustyreviewREVIEW BY DUSTY BLUE: This is the smallest and weirdest dog “run” I’ve ever seen. It literally looks like a fenced-in alleyway. It is very clean, well-kept and has plenty of water and dog toys available, but this is really nothing more than a pooping place and play date area for city dogs cooped up in their apartments or townhouses all day. I wasn’t able to enter because I don’t have a membership, but it was easy to check it out through the chainlink fence. For a herding dog like me, I would get frustrated with not being able to run in the open, but this is the only run in the area, and I’m sure dogs who are used to city living can adapt.